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Less Mess Baby Bottle

Less Mess Baby Bottle

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  • Lunchtimes made easy with just one squeeze!
  • Take one (or three) on-the-go. Let this easy-travel bottle feeder make your mornings just a bit less hectic
  • Feed your little ones safely with our non-toxic, BPA-free Less Mess Bottles


This 'lil thing? It's made of food-grade silicone. It's BPA free, and the spoon is made of high-quality PP material

Care Information

Dishwasher-safe. For moms who want to go the extra mile, handwash in hot water


1 x 90ml bottle

8.27 inches x 2.36 inches

21 cm x 6 cm

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  • Sreeraj

    It’s such a nice and mess free feeding bottle. Good quality plastic that baby can byte if they start to teeth. and has a base that holds up the bottle. Enough suction and purée comes out only as needed. The cap is perfect that blocks the leaking of food. And it’s super easy to clean ! I have 4 of them and totally in love it 😍

  • Kamesha

    These are amazing they are soft and very easy to clean,I'm about to order them again for our vacation.

  • Kristin

    Bought this for my new born granddaughter and she eats like a big girl with this product. It’s easy and less messy than the traditional way during feeding time

  • Tina

    Bought these to feed my grandchild. They are the greatest thing I didn't know I needed! Finally no more yelling baby waiting for me to scoop the next bite. They make feeding so easy!!!

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